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By Jay Stockwell – Creator of Speed PPC

Just a quick post to let you know that X from Black Book DVDs has made an amazing offer for those who are interested in buying SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro, but are not sure if they have the skills to make PPC based Affiliate marketing work for them.

This course sells for $1197. It’s huge with 13 DVD’s, 2 Workbooks and some other notes. You can see all the details here:


To cut a long story short, he had some courses that had some very minor production issues that he was willing to do a deep discount on.

I got him to send me the package to see how bad they were. To be honest, I could hardly tell there was anything wrong with them at all. Just a few inconsistent fonts here and there, but still with all the same information.

You can see my copy here:

Anyway, we emailed back and forth to see what sort of discount he could do. He then very generously offered the course completely free for anyone who purchased the SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro product through his affiliate link.

I was blown away by his generosity. All he asks you to pay is the published USPS shipping costs to get the package to you. He’s not even marking up the shipping costs! (That’s about $12 for US residents and $42 for non-US residents)

The tricky thing is that there are only 64 54 copies available so you had better be fast if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Don’t muck around. If you’re keen take action here.

Note from X . . .

If you can’t make money with the information I share in the Black Book DVDs then you probably can’t make money online PERIOD.

There’s only one reason I’m making this kind of an offer on this information and it’s this:

Jay sent me a free trial of Speed PPC over one year ago. And it was almost 14 months later (I’m embarrassed to admit) that I got around to trying his software. Hey – I was too busy doing things the hard way.

When I went to access the trial, my time had expired. Did I write Jay and ask for another free spin? No way – I pulled out my credit card and I paid the guy.

Since I’d told Jay a number of times that I’d promote as soon as I tried his product and could say Speed PPC was as good as claimed, I feel like I owe him a favor.

Now, I have about 50 packages of Black Book DVDs left – all in great condition, minus a few cosmetic imperfections and I though “Wouldn’t it be an amazing deal to offer these as a bonuses to a program I can really stand behind?!” So that’s what we’re doing here.

Killer information plus a killer software application equals “How can you fail if you just apply what you have?”

You really can’t -

Use the following link to visit SpeedPPC.com – after you order Speed PPC through that page, you can place the order for your set of DVDs. I am asking that you pay the actual costs of shipping – a little over $12 if you live in the US and a little over $40 if you live outside the US. I’m not making any money off that – it’s as close to actual cost as possible, with no “handling” fees piled on top.

Here’s the link – order now: take action here


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