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Internet Marketing

Ppc Traffic To A Blog

This is a response to a comment.  I think there are some good tips you can use here and I want to make sure you see it . . .

Hi Erik,
You can just use the same Wordpress that comes with most hosting accounts and install it using Fantistico. I use shared hosting on HostGator.
This blog, [...]

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Hot Niche: Paid Survey’s

I’m writing some new ebook content and decided to share some of it with you.
I’ve made a few mistakes over the years when selecting niches.
The single biggest mistake is selecting a product to promote that doesn’t leave room for a backend.  People either buy that product or not.  If not, there’s no place left to [...]

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Youtube Sponsored Videos

I’ve been playing with video marketing lately, so I’m excited about YouTube’s new Sponsored Videos. Basically, you can pay to have your videos shown next to search results for other videos – think Adwords next to organic search.
You can read YouTube’s post here:

Or watch this video:
коли под наем

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Death, Failure And The Truth

First off, didn’t hear this firsthand but apparently John Reese is pulling the plug on Blog Rush.
Yes, Blog Rush is Dead.
Ryan Deiss posted a plea on his blog to not knock John for trying -
And, although I like Ryan’s material and respect the fact he’s about as die hard loyal to his friends as anyone [...]

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Affiliate Black Book: Subscriber Peak 2

The donkey puncher’s got me revvin’ up.

He says “Screw PPC Classroom . . . I want the Affiliate Black Book”.

So, not to take away from PPC Classroom, but we ARE talking about another beast entirely here.

Paid subscribers . . . read on.  Unpaid subscribers, the Affiliate Black Book will launch on HALLOWEEN.

Yeah – it’s THAT [...]

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Speed Ppc Offer

If you haven’t seen the current offer I’m running for Speed PPC, it’s not to be missed.

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Start Your Own Social Web 2.0 Niche Network

I love it when the solution is free
I’ve been search for a membership site platform that does some very specific things for nearly six months. In particular, based on a site that I found (and my wife joined) at
(Notice how freakin’ healthy everyone on that site looks and tell me that raw food [...]

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Let’s Put The Free-line Back Where It Belongs

We’ve seen some high profile marketers
clamoring about “the free line”.
Giving free content in my 10 years of
doing business online has produced a
direct correlation in sales -
less sales.
The more I give away, the less I sell.
The more content I give, the less I sell.
My blog readers have read me writing,
“start right off selling – forget all [...]

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