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“X, what’s the deal?”

I’ve promised a couple of projects this year that just aren’t getting done like I want them to – plus I’ve found a new love in blogs. Now that I “get” Wordpress, I want to do more with it.

There are things I’m happy to share with the public in an open access blog. There are other things that I think have a value to them and instead of delaying the release of that material until I have enough good material to put out a book (I currently have 4 books in various stages, plus a membership site) I’ve decided to start posting more often, with even higher quality content here.

At this point, it’s just an experiment and that’s why I’m only asking $17 per month to give you complete access to the blog. I assure you that I will be posting more often and the content will be what you’d expect for paid material from X.

I’ve set the bar low enough for you that there isn’t any real risk. And for me, I’ve set the bar a little higher so I have a compelling reason to share more ideas, more often here.

Maybe you’d prefer to spend your $67 per month on Google Nemesis where you’ll read second-hand, hacked up versions of what I’ve written about in the past. Or maybe, you’d prefer to get it fresh from the source.

By the way, $17 per month will only be available for a limited time – I fully intend to provide more value than that. But let’s prove it first. NOTE: If you join for $17 per month NOW, you will only pay $17 per month for as long as I do this.

To become a member, you just need to register with my blog and then make your payment through PayPal, which you’ll be prompted to do when you login. Simple as that.

All the best to you – X

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